Tiny People Painted by an Aging Man-Child


006: Korenn Rowse, Healer of Calistria

Wow – been a while since I finished a mini! Here’s another piece for a player in my weekly Pathfinder game. The piece is technically the Iconic Sorcerer character, Seoni for the game, but my player liked it for her cleric character.

006: Robot Viking! Miniature of the Week!

I was featured on Robot Viking! pretty freakin’ rad!


005: The Skinsaw Man

I painted this special for tonight’s session, the official Pathfinder mini for the bad guy my players will be fighting tonight, I hope they enjoy it.

004: Bonus Wizard

We have too many old man Wizard minis. No one ever plays an old man wizard either, this is the last one I’m painting, lol.

003: Goblin Pyros

The Pathfinder campaign setting has some of the coolest goblins, and these are no exception. Goblin Pyros!

002: Elf Ranger

Another character piece for one of my players. This miniature is technically the official Pathfinder piece for a character named Shaleu, but the player like the piece so we just painted it according to her color choices.

001: Dual Weilding Rogue

A rogue piece I did for one of the players in my Pathfinder campaign, His character isn’t an elf so I did my best to file down the ears, but I need better files and the sculpt still has a very Elvish face. He loved though, so that’s always nice.

X14: Miniatures to Date

A shot of all the miniatures I’ve painted since I took this back up 5 months ago.

X13: Dark Elf

A dark Elf Warhammer piece given to me by my good buddy Adam, with a bonus character sketch!

X12: Grey Maiden

I finished this today, a Grey Maiden from the Pathfinder RPG campaign setting. One of my favorite miniatures I’ve painted so far.